You cannot anylonger do good by just opening tabs in Chrome (as described in my last post). However, a “like” on Facebook does not require too much energy, either. So here are three possibilities to do smth good – it will cost you 2min time and 2 calories for moving and clicking the mouse. I’d say everybody is capable of that!

For the ones without time: Click here, here and here to become a facebook fan of Billa, CoffeeCircle, and MyGlorious and make them donate.

The details:

Initially, this was only intended to last until the goal of 25,000 fans was reached. However, the cause was extended until 31st December or until 50,000 people would like Billa. Currently 2,714 likes are out, so 2714€ can still be raised. I have to say that I felt a bit strange about this. As I learned about this by a Facebook ad (I hope the cost for these ads is not withdrawn from the donations!), it somehow had a very commercial touch right from the beginning. After all of course, that’s what it is – a marketing campaign that uses a charity cause to gain more facebook fans. To be perfectly honest, I also think that it is not really “cool” to like Billa (my own Hausverstand somehow tells me that).

So for all of you who want to be a fan of something more hip and meaningful than Billa, here are 2 more possibilities:

  • Coffee Circle: this project is per se already worth to have a look at. For each new fan until 24th December, CoffeCircle will donate 24cents – YOU will decide on the organization/project the donations will go to. Like CoffeeCircle here

Coffee Circle is not fairtrade. It is better than fairtrade (besides the often obscure definitions of fairtrade, fairtrade coffee actually often sucks in quality – just google it). Only the best coffee, from Ethopian farmers you can “meet” online, who get a price far above market and fairtrade, plus on top 1€ of every sold kg directly goes to currently three projects that benefit the local communities around the farmers. Make sure you like their fanpage and in case you’re a coffee lover…well, you just discovered your best fuel. (Disclosure: One of the founders is an acquaintance of mine)

Since August, they have been donating 1€ for every new fan. If you want to know where exactly the money goes to, watch this video. Now considering the fact that they are not yet platin selling superstars, how come multi-billion € company Billa donates only just the same amount for every new fan? If you ask me: it’s because the three guys of MyGlorious really care. Actually, they do the same on their website as I try to do here. Great music. Good cause. Like it on Facebook. (Disclosure: I know 2 of the 3 guys)

Do you know of any other facebook fanpages that will make a donation if you like them? Do you oppose such attempts to catch fans or accept it for the good?