I guess it’s normal that I’m more touched and emotionally connected to the slaughtering in Norway than to the small headline below that says another 40 protesters shot by Syrian security forces. And then today another headline: I read that 3.7 million people are threatened starving to death. In Somalia local power groups don’t allow food transports to enter the country. I can’t put the numbers into context. 91 people in Norway I can relate to, it’s hard to imagine hundred thousands of humans dying a senseless death. I donate to do something at least. It’s not enough, so I write this little post but I can’t really find good words. So here are the 2 organisations that I hope are trustworthy where I donated. I was out and had a nice dinner yesterday, so I took the same amount. Doctors without borders say it can provide 2 high-energy meals a day for 200 children for an entire month with that money.

What did you spend on food yesterday?

Aerzte ohne Grenzen


the links are for the Austrian sub-organisations but I’m sure you can easily find the equivalents in your country: doctors without borders (MSF.org), and Unicef