Summary: go to Levi’s’ Facebook fan page and share a tweet or facebook post to support a pledge for 145 more children to be fed and educated for a year by – an organisation supporting currently 325 orphans of AIDS and vulnerable children in South-Africa with the Thanda After-School project.

Did you know that South-Africa has most likely the highest number of people living with HIV/AIDS? 5.3 million

This is about one 10th of the population.  Estimates say that by 2015 there will be 5.7 million orphans in South-Africa. This is about the entire population of Denmark.

Have you got mixed feelings about also promoting Levi’s with this? Here’s some more info:

Share a tweet and/or facebook status to support this project

The current pledge is part of a large Facebook campaign for a good cause. Started about 5 weeks ago, the first ‘pioneer project’ resulted in 33,047 pledges and Levi’s donated funds to (co-founded by Matt Damon and Garry White) to give 8,000 people life-long fresh water supply.

The first campaign required people to click on an ad stating that Levi’s would donate if 100,000 people clicked on the ad. The current pledge seems less clear about goals and how exactly Levi’s will support but it seems that the goal is to provide education to 145 more orphans for another year.

Currently, 13,185 tweets/facebook status posts have been shared to support this pledge. Simply go to Levi’s’ facebook fan page and click “Tweet Your Support” – you don’t have to like the fanpage, and you can approve a tweet and/or facebook status post.

About the ‘Go Forth’ campaign:
‘Your life is your life’ starts the poem that accompanies the intro video on Levi’s’ ‘Go Forth’ campaign on Facebook – the campaign already got some press for its bad timing with the London riots since the video ‘romanticizes youth riots’.

There will be 3 more pioneers who are yet to be announced featured in the campaign and if you want you can tell Levi’s who should be in.

How do you feel about campaigns like these?