shapefuture is a project and a blog.
The blog is to share fast and easy ways to do something good via the web.
More on the project here:

Background: In October 2007, we took on sponsorships for projects of the Austrian Caritas by sharing the monthly contributions.

2 important corner stones:

  • collectively shared support: often, it is too expensive for a single person to finance such a sponsorship, as they frequently require a monthly minimum contribution. Therefore, we collect from all participants whatever they can give and forward it to the project.
  • trust: the aim is to enable also small contributions by sharing the monthly sponsorship. In order to avoid banking and creditcard fees, the money is given to one person as sort of trusteeship. As a result, the project is restricted to a circle of friends. Don’t know me? Just start this little project in your own circle of friends!

You know me, trust me and want to join? Just shoot me a short mail at adrian.roessler[at] or find me on facebook, twitter, pick up the phone, write a letter, …

What are the current sponsorships?